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Rothenburger Handwerkerhaus

Guided tour:
Guided tour at market square with craftsman widwo Walburga.
Wednesday and Saturday: 6.00 pm. Meeting point: Market square Rothenburg. Costs: 9,-

From about 1300 to 1500 coopers lived here, just outside of the city´s first wall.

From about 1510 to 1680 yarn dyers were the house owners.

From 1681 to 1724 weavers lived in the house and from 1724 to 1802 shoemakers.

Later in shorter periods a tinker, potter, basket maker, soap maker, plasterer, pewterer and bricklayer had ownership ot the house.

Fortunately a hermit lived in the house at a time when many other interesting houses were being modernized an changed inside. That is the reason that no other house in Rothenburg has so much historical character. Here at Alter Stadtgraben 26 modern times have changed nothing.

The hermit did not need electricity and running water. A 48 foot deep well that even today shows a water level of 30 feet was already registred in the year 1400! The leather bucket that was made watertight with clay was hoisted over a wooden roller by a hemp rope. The hermit did not change anything in regard to the hall that runs from the front to the rear of the house and that has a packed clay floor covered by flagstones. He was satisfied with the unbelievable low ceilings that were suitable for the people of past venturies, small as they were with an average height of less than five feet.

Alt Rothenburger Handwerkerhaus
Alter Stadtgraben 26
91541 Rothenburg

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91541 Rothenburg, Tel.: 09861 5810